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What if I’m scared?!

Fear. It is the crippling emotion of the human mind. It is also simultaneously its greatest weapon for survival. Fear, along with disgust, is the most common, and possibly the most successful, motivating force known to man. It can be a powerful ally in the face of danger in a survival sense. But what are we to do when it is the barrier to joy, peace, and fulfillment? This is where a proper and truthful assessment of our perspectives and biases are vital to our mental and spiritual health.

Fear is a perspective-based response that is rooted in our autonomic system. It begins as a reactionary response, but is compounded or reduced based on our assessment of the situation or experience. Spiritually, it is rooted in unbelief; unbelief in the provision and sufficiency of God. We fear either things that will destroy us (physically, psychologically, emotionally) or we're afraid our needs won't be met. The solution to this is simple yet complicated: belief. For all things, belief in God is the solution to fear. Now, how does that pragmatically work in our lives? By being of the truth, or truthful. Honesty, integrity, and being truthful removes the anxiety caused by avoidance. When we're honest and truthful, we are accepting reality as it is presented and are hopeful the truth will "set us free" from the bonds of fear. Be honest in all that you do, and watch your fear start to fade.

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