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Yes, psychological principles find their foundation in the Bible. Let’s take a journey together!

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

Carl Rogers, father of person-centered therapy, famously developed, and mastered, the concept of unconditional positive regard. Albert Ellis, founder of rational-emotive behavioral therapy, believed in accepting reality as it is and coping with it. Sigmund Freud, the founder of psychotherapy, believed people had animalistic, innate desires and drives that must be controlled by the person themselves (aka, take responsibility for your actions). The list goes on and on, but one principle remains the same: all of these concepts were compiled in the Bible several thousand years earlier.

As we traverse this journey together, we are going to discuss how psychological principles find their root in scripture, how these principles apply to us today, how scripture and psychology relate today, and how we can better understand our relationship to the God of the universe. We will discuss therapeutic techniques and how they can be used biblically. I'm excited about this journey and how it may bring clarity and direction to those seeking the Lord. Be blessed.

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